Artificial intelligence


Ground-State Eigenvalue Prediction of Materials Using Electronic Shell Structures and Fermionic Properties via Convolutions

Pediatric Hypoglycemia Forecasting

A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Effective Forecasting of Pediatric Hypoglycemia in Diabetes I Patients--an extended de Bruijn Graph

Vision Based DFTB

Enhancing Photocatalytic Efficiency of TiO2 Nanoparticles through Carbon Doping--An Integrated DFTB and Computer Vision Approach


Text-To-Energy--Accelerating Quantum Chemistry Calculations through Enhanced Text-to-Vector Encoding and Orbital-Aware Multilayer Perceptron

Regeneration of Lithium-ion Battery Impedance

Regeneration of Lithium-ion Battery Impedance using a Novel Machine Learning Framework and Minimal Empirical Data

Atom Type Prediction

Predicting Atom Types in Different Temperatures

Clustering Big Data

An Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Big Data

Random Forest

Reduced random forest for big data using priority voting & dynamic data reduction